Selection of published papers and reports from a series of archival material containing newspaper clippings, published papers and reports. The majority of the material is written by T. Pearcey, M. Beard and G.W. Hill and published by various sources including CSIRO Division of Radiophysics, Sydney. The papers cover design and operational aspects of CSIRAC.

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Selection of Published Papers and Reports: June 1948 Paper - 'The Organisation of a Preliminary High-Speed Computer' by T. Pearcey and M. Beard, CSIRO Radiophysics, June 1948 (16879). 23 January 1952 Paper - 'An Electronic Computer' by M. Beard and T. Pearcey - J. Sci. Inst. Vol 29 305-311. July 1953 Paper - 'A Magnetic Drum Digital Storage System' by B.F.C. Cooper - CSIRO reprint from proceedings IRE Vol 14 No 7, July 1953 (57/16881). 1963 Pamphlet - Proposed Programme and Registration Form for the Australia Computer Conference, Melbourne 1963. 1963 Pamphlet - 'Implementation of Programming Systems within an Integrated Computer Network' - CSIRO - from Proceedings Australian Computer Conference, Melbourne. March 1964 Paper - 'Aspects of the Philosophy of Computer Programming' by T. Pearcey - The Computer Bulletin. February 1965 Extract- 'Farewell to CSIRAC' by F. Hirst - VCS Bulletin. September 1968 Paper - 'Networks of Computers' by J.M. Bennett and T. Pearcey - Proceedings I.R.E.E. Australia 321-329 (Note fading copy- photocopy included). 1 February 1972 Paper 'Distributed Computing Systems' by T. Pearcey - Australian Computer Journal Vol 4 p3-11. 1976 Pamphlet - 'A personal memory retrieval - 35 years with computers' by T. Pearcey - CIT Journal Vol 6. November 1980 Paper - 'The Genesis of an Early Stored-Program Computer (CSIRAC)' by M. Beard & T. Pearcey. Prepared for submission to Annals of the History of Computing. 2 March 1984 Newspaper clipping -"Why the father of our computer is worried about the next generation" by Sally White - The Age. Undated Paper - 'Automatic Programming - Part 1 - Simple Compiler Techniques of CSIRAC' by G.W. Hill and G.J. Sanderson.

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