A manilla folder with the title '11 Floating Binary' containing program documentation for:
- T022 B131 Mixed decimal input from 5-hole tape (by T.S. Holden).
- T300-300.5 B102 Floating Binary Operations.
- T301-301.6 B102 Floating Binary Functions: Square Root, Sin-Cos, Log (Base2), Exponential, Arctan.
- T302-301.5 B102 Floating Binary Integer Operations.
- T305-305.3 B123 Floating Decimal Input by Dr. E.O. Hercus.
- T306.1-306.3 B123 Punch Floating Decimal-Index in Brackets.
- T307 & T308 B123 Floating Binary/Decimal Punch.
- T310.1 B132 Floating Binary Arithmetical Block.

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