A manilla folder with the title '4.1Teleprinter Output' containing program documentation for:
- T030-030.6 B105 Signed Integer Print-6 routines.
- T031-031.6 B105 Positive Integer Print, Initial Zeroes Suppresssed.
- T032 B105 Integer Print (positive & negative, including initial zeros)-6 routines.
- T033 B105 Integer Print (positive, initial zeros printed)-6 routines.
- T034 B106 Fraction print-rounded, signed, -1 printed-6 routines.
- T035 B106 Fraction Print (positive & negative, p20 as -1, unrounded)-6 routines.
- T036 B106 Fraction Print (positive & negative, unrounded, p20 printed as "-. 00"-6 routines.
- T037 B106 Fraction Print (positive, unrounded)-6 routines.
- T038 B106 Fraction Print, positive and rounded-6 routines.
- T039 B108 Print Scale 32 & 8.
- T040 B108 Angle Print-10 routines to print angles.
- T041 B108 Sterling Print.
- T042 B108 Alpha-Numeric Print.

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