This file contains correspondence between CSIRO Radiophysics, Sydney and The University of Melbourne concerning the proposed transfer of CSIR MkI to Melbourne, its acceptance and logistics of the move, as well as official handover ceremony including copy of Cherry's speech.

It includes: Letters to Professor Tom Cherry from Vice-Chancellor of The University of Melbourne, G.W. Paton, including original proposal and costs of moving machine to Melbourne, and approvals; Letters concerning installation team headed by Maston Beard and staff acquisitions such as Geoff Hill, Ron Bowles transferring from Sydney to Melbourne; Correspondence between Frank Hirst and Tom Cherry whilst Hirst visiting Cambridge University, UK and researching activity there including ESDSAC, Ferranti as well as covering transfer of computer from Sydney; Correspondence between Cherry and Professor Les Martin, Department of Physics, with comments on Pearcey and Beard's reactions to move; Correspondence between Cherry and Pearcey advising he cannot offer him a position in Melbourne, as well as Pearcey's advice on advancements in engineering and programming of the computer; Correspondence between G.W. Paton and F.W.G. White concerning renewal of CSIRO subsidy.

This file also contains a Melbourne University poster, "CSIRAC welcomes you to the Digital Computer Laboratory" (59/19607).

7/7/54 T.M. Cherry to Vice-Chancellor, G.W. Paton Proposal to discuss move of Computer to MU.
12/7/54 G.W. Paton to T.M. Cherry Approval for further discussion.
26/11/54 T.M. Cherry to T. Pearcey Confirming computer transfer, no position for T.Pearcey, estimates for staff.
3/12/54 T.M. Cherry to E.G. Bowen Advising T.Pearcey had been advised no offer forthcoming, logistics and staff requirements.
6/12/54 Guy B. Gresford, CSIRO to G.W. Paton Answer to queries on space for computer, running costs & staff.
10/12/54 E.G. Bowen to T.M. Cherry Reply to questions raised in letter 3/12/54.
19/12/54 T.M. Cherry to L.H. Martin (handwritten) Update on present situation, discusses T.Pearcey and M. Beard resistance to transfer of computer, staffing.
19/12/54 T.M. Cherry to F. Hirst Confirming Hirst as 'engineer in charge' of computer.
20/12/54 E.G. Bowen to L.H. Martin Confirming staff for transfer and ongoing.
18/1/55 Accountant to TAA Ticket confirmation for F. Hirst Melb/Syd/Melb 19/1/55.
21/1/55 Note (handwritten) Re Carrier Air Conditioning Unit quote.
28/1/55 G.W. Paton to Ian Clunies Ross, CSIRO Formal acceptance of transfer of computer.
28/1/55 G.W. Paton to L.H. Martin Approval of transfer of computer and appointment of F. Hirst.
4/2/55 F.H. Johnston to F. Hirst Formal confirmation of job offer.
7/2/55 F. Hirst to F.H. Johnston Acceptance of job offer.
17/2/55 G.B. Gresford to G.W. Paton Confirming acceptance and arranging transfer dates.
21/2/55 Physics Dept (F. Hirst) to M. Beard Request for update.
23/2/55 M. Beard to F. Hirst Update, T.Pearcey finishing this week.
1/3/55 F. Hirst to R.P. Temby Request for expenses for Sydney stay.
26/4/55 T.M. Cherry to F. Hirst Re UK research.
3/6/55 T.M. Cherry to F. Hirst Reporting on UK research: tape preference, mercury contamination.
21/7/55 T.M. Cherry to Vice-Chancellor (G.W. Paton) Request to discuss administrative arrangements for computer.
7/10/55 T.M. Cherry to Vice-chancellor (G.W. {Paton) Recommendation for separate Computation Department and presentation paper.
17/10/55 G.W. Paton to T.M. Cherry Approval of separate Computation Laboratory.
22/3/56 E.G. Bowen/CSIRO to T.M. Cherry Melbourne installation nearing completion/suggesting official takeover date.
14/6/56 T.M. Cherry Agenda for opening function & T.M. Cherry's speech (2xcopies-1 with note from TMC).
20/1/56 Guy B. Gresford/CSIRO to Registrar/MU Re loan of services of G.W. Hill & conditions.
23/1/56 F.H. Johnston/Registrar MU to CSIRO Confirming loan of services of G.W. Hill and payment.
30/5/56 F.G. Nicholls/CSIRO to T.M. Cherry Re payment to G.W. Hill.
11/6/56 Guy B. Gresford/CSIRO to Registrar/MU Account for travelling allowance to come.
23/1/56 T.M. Cherry to Accountant Request for payment to G.W. Hill.
15/6/56 T.M. Cherry to Registrar/MU Re mix up of travel/living allowance payment.
27/6/56 G.W. Hill to F. Hirst Follow up after departure from Melbourne.
13/6/56 G.W. Paton to T.M. Cherry Approval of R. Bowles salary.
9/8/56 E.G. Bowen to T.M. Cherry Transfer date for R. Bowles.
29/6/56 T.M. Cherry to Vice Chancellor Arrangements for transfer of R. Bowles.
18/12/56 T. Pearcey to T.M. Cherry Thank you for use of computer in Melbourne and
further development suggestions.
30/6/58 G.W. Paton to F.W.G. White/CSIRO Request for subsidy renewal for computer (incl handwritten draft).
24/7/59 F. Hirst to T.M. Cherry Re CSIRO computing time on computer.

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