This file contains correspondence and notes relating to short computer training courses being held by the University of Melbourne. There are letters of acceptance, providing names of participants, from LP Coombs, Commonwealth Department of Supply, William Buscombe, Mount Stromlo Observatory, WJ Falconer, T & G Mutual Life Assurance and EDJ Stewart, State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

There are notices and a letter of course approval from the University Registrar. There are also two pages with rough notes or jottings.

Correspondence details:
4/1/55 Dept of Supply to T.M. Cherry Enrolment request for programming course.
21/1/56 Mount Sromlo Obs to TM Cherry Re problem solving and programming courses.
31/10/56 A'sian Temperance Soc to TM Cherry Course enrolments.
6/11/56 MU to T.M. Cherry Approval for holding Programming Course & copy of proposal.
9/11/56 SEC to T.M. Cherry Course date request.
12/11/56 A'asian Temperance Soc to MU Confirmation and payment for course.
13/11/56 MU to A'asian Temperance Soc. Confirmation of enrolment and receipt for cheque.
1956 Course Notice-University of Melbourne Programming for Electronic Computing Machines Dec'56 (1xtyped & 1\x roneod version).

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