Correspondence and notes of a meeting and tabulated information relating to particular jobs undertaken by the CSIRAC project. Correspondence in the file comprises: an exchange of letters between Thomas Cherry and JR Philip of the CSIRO Division of Plant Industry regarding a computer job for the Regional Pastoral Laboratory; a letter from Cherry to G Cessford of the BP Kwinana Refinery regarding a job undertaken by the computer project; a short letter regarding the computer's use by 'Tassie' from the ANU Research School of Physics; a letter to Professor ER Love from Fred Syer asking for the opportunity to use the computer to solve a complex mamthematical problem he was working on; a letter from JS Rogers, Dean of Graduate Studies appointing Cherry as supervisor for AR Jones' Ph.D. project on 'the convergence of a second order process for the latent roots and vectors of a real symmetric matrix'.

Notes on a meeting between EH Palfreyman and BF Marrows regarding work to be done on the SILLIAC computer for the Post Master General's Department.There is also a table listing the jobs undertaken by CSIRAC for departments of the university and a table providing a breakdown of computing time from Leeds University.
Correspondence details:
24/6/55 Fred Syer to E.R. Love: Requesting time on CSIRAC to solve complex mathematical
13/9/55 J.R. Philip/CSIRO to T.M. Cherry: Wants to discuss computer availability to solve numerical problems.
20/9/55 T.M. Cherry to J.R. Philip/CSIRO: Computer not working until next year.
25/7/56 Notes: Meeting between E.H. Palfreyman & B.F. Marrows re calculations to be done by SILLIAC for PMG Dept.
25/10/56 T.M. Cherry to G. Cessford/BP Refinery: Re matrix conversion results sent but not acknowledged.
27/3/?(no year shown) ANU Research School of Physics to T.M. Cherry: Thank you for agreeing to let 'Tassie' use computer.
2/1/59 Summary of Pegasus Time: Breakdown from Leeds University of computing time.
Undated Table of CSIRAC jobs: Jobs undertaken by CSIRAC for depts of MU.

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