Letter and typed and handwritten notes relating to different programming methods for CSIRAC.

There is a letter to Thomas Cherry from RD Brown of the University Chemistry Department on the subject of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices.

There are 3 copies of a typed note entitled 'Eigenvalues and Vectors Of A Symmetric Matrix Using Jacob's Method' by A Jones.

There are also a typed note and a handwritten note entitled 'A Two-Address Method Of Interpretive Programming' by IM Bassett.

Correspondence details:
18/10/56 R.D. Brown/Uni of Melb to T.M. Cherry: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices.
Undated Note: Eigenvalues and Vectors of a symmetric matrix using Jacobi's method by A. Jones.(3xcopies). A Two-Address Method of Interpretive programming by I.M. Bassett (1xcopy typed & 1xcopy handwritten).

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