Cardboard box containing two 5 hole paper tapes. Obtained from Dr Frank Hirst by Ron Bowles on 26/4/2000.

The longer paper tape contains fully compiled Interprogram and is the only existing standalone program tape for Interprogram (see HT 13509.315). The shorter paper tape is the Interprogram tape to be loaded into CSIRAC for compiling.

These paper tape are part of a collection of paper tape programs and sub-routines used for input to CSIRAC.

The collection includes the original University of Melbourne Computation Laboratory Paper Tape Library of 12 hole tapes of subroutines and programs, and program and data tapes from staff and outside users. Most of the paper tapes were 12-track punched paper tapes. 5 hole paper tapes were used primarily for data input and output rather than program input. However, 5 hole program tapes could be produced by using Interprogram, an English language programming system rather than using machine language.

Physical Description

Thick, brown, rectangular cardboard box. Two 5 hole paper tapes inside box.

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