This dark green glass, porter ale bottle was excavated at the Commonwealth Block site between 1988 and 2003.

Alcohol and Drinking.
There were 15 hotels at Little Lon in 1900. The profusion of beer, wine and spirit bottles revealed in excavations at Little Lon confirms that immense quantities of liquor were consumed. Were the drinkers mainly residents or visitors to Little Lon? Unearthed in the former yard of a 'high-class' brothel was a mass of French wine and champagne bottles. Reformers identified alcohol as a major social problem - 'the cause of crime, disease, insanity, marriage breakdown, poverty'.

Physical Description

This is a dark green glass bottle. It was manufactured using a 3 piece Ricketts type mould and has a two part, Perry Davis type finish with a rounded lip. It has a bulged neck with sloped shoulders and a circular body and slightly tapered body. It has a bulged heel with flat resting point and a conical basal profile with a small mamelon.

Physical Description

Dark green glass bottle. 3 piece Ricketts type mould. Two part, Perry Davis type finish with rounded lip. Bulged neck with sloped shoulders. Circular body horizontal with slightly tapered body vertical. Bulged heel with flat resting point and conical basal profile, small mamelon. Base diameter 85mm, height 245mm. c. 1821-1870

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