Slide shows Anita Apinis-Herman in front of her 17 shaft drawloom which she uses to weave Latvian textiles. Anita is second generation Latvian weaver, she was taught by her mother Anna and then undertook further training at the Melbourne College of Textiles. Shaft drawlooms allow the weaver to create complex patterns as they have two sets of shafts.

The shaft drawloom makes repeat patterns, by pulling handles located above the beater on the loom. These handles are attached to cords which go to the top of and across the bridge, which is a frame on top of the loom. When the handles are pulled, shafts in the second harness rise to make a pattern shed. The second harness is positioned behind the front harness, which holds the original shafts of the loom.

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Slide showing Anita Apinis-Herman demonstrating weaving on her 17 shaft-draw loom, circa 1985.

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Colour Slide.

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