Slide shows Anita Apinis-Herman wearing a Nica National Dress which has been hand woven. Anita is second generation Latvian weaver, she was taught by her mother Anna and then undertook further training at the Melbourne College of Textiles.

Women's garments for the Nica national dress consisted of a long skirt starting below the chest and with a wide horizontal hem, usually in red or purple, a small blouse and a tight black or green, sleeveless jacket adorned with colourful embroidery. Dark blue shawls with a brooch are also often worn. Headwear consists of a crown-like wreath or ribbons for girls and young unmarried women and a small triangular hat or scarf for married women.

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Slide showing Anita Apinis-Herman wearing Nica National Dress, circa 1985.

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Black and White Slide.

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