Dinner Menu for 11 July 1970 used on the Flotto Lauro Line Ship, Angelina Lauro. Menu consists of a rectangular sheet on cardboard, folded into two, printed on all sides. It was issued by the shipping company Flotto Lauro for use on their cruise ship Angelina Lauro in late 1960s.

Physical Description

Menu consisting of a rectangular sheet on cardboard, folded into two to form four pages. On the front is printed a large picture of birds drinking from a bowl, as well as the name of the ship it was used on. Inside is printed details of the food on offer.


The menu is significant for its links with the post-war immigrant route. Built before World War II as the Oranje, it ran between Australia and Europe from 1950 into the 1970s. Purchased by Lauro Lines / Flotta Lauro in 1964, its crew included many Italians.

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