Two packets of foolscap white blank typewriter paper of the Ancol brand, one card folder containing sheets of foolscap carbon paper made by the Columbia Ribbon & Carbon Co. (Aust) of Sydney, N.S.W., and a paper folder containing sheets of quarto Copper Plate brand carbon paper, also made by the Columbia company. The latter folder also contains a single sheet of Ballerina paper, labelled as "Carbon Paper's Successor".

Carbon paper is used for making one or more copies simultaneous with the production of an original document. There is a dry ink or pigment coating on one side.
It is placed between an original and a blank sheet. As the original is typed, the ink or pigment is deposited on the blank sheet, producing a "carbon copy". Only four or five carbon copies can be produced in this way. The carbon paper can be reused but the ink or pigment is gradually used up.

As of 2010, photocopying has replaced carbon paper copying except in a few instances such as point of sale receipts and on the spot fine notices.

Physical Description

Two ivory-coloured foolscap paper envelopes, each containing multiple sheets of white bank foolscap typewriter paper. Plain beige-coloured foolscap card folder containing multiple foolscap sheets of black carbon paper. Brown and orange paper auarto folder containing three sheets of quarto blue carbon paper and one sheet of black copying paper similar to carbon paper.

More Information

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    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Dr Julie Marginson, 18/06/2009

  • Other Association (See Comments)

    Columbia Ribbon & Carbon Co. (Aust.), Australia, 1970-1979
    Manufacturer of the carbon paper

  • Manufacturer

    Ancol, South Australia, Australia, 1970-1979
    Manufacturer of the typewriter paper. Location obtained from - accessed on 7 July 2010.

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  • Inscriptions

    On each envelope containing bank paper: 'FOOLSCAP / typewriter paper / ANCOL / WHITE BANK' On front of foolscap card folder containing carbon paper: 'CARBON PAPER / manufactured by / COLUMBIA RIBBON & CARBON CO. (AUST.) / SYDNEY, N.S.W.' On back of foolscap card folder containing carbon paper: '12-60' On end of foolscap card folder containing carbon paper: '100 SHEETS S/W BLACK TYPE 8 X 13' On front of quarto paper folder containing carbon paper, over company logo: 'COLUMBIA RIBBON & CARBON CO. (AUST.) / COPPERPLATE / AUSTRALIA' On front of quarto paper folder containing carbon paper: 'Copper Plate [repeated] / CARBON PAPER'

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    Communications, Typewriting, Accessories

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions - Closed

    343 mm (Length), 214 mm (Width), 5 mm (Height)
    Overall dimesions for the closed envelope. Each of the envelopes contain typewriter paper.

  • Other Dimensions

    352 mm (Length), 231 mm (Width), 5 mm (Height)
    Folder (containing carbon paper)

  • Other Dimensions

    264 mm (Length), 222 mm (Width), 2 mm (Height)
    Folder (containing carbon paper)

  • Keywords

    Office Equipment, Typewriters