Collection of Australian Aboriginal Songs, compiled and translated by Dr. H.O. Lethbridge, with accompanying arrangements by Arthur S. Loam. Published by Allan & Co. Pty Ltd, of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Bendigo. It is a collection of songs from the Maranoa district in Queensland. The melody, rhythm and words of the songs are recorded exactly, while the translation is described as 'free, but true'.

Dr Harold Octavius Lethbridge (1880-1964) was a physician and surgeon who worked with Aboriginal people for over 30 years in the early 20th century. He worked particularly with the Wiradjuri people in New South Wales and the Narrandera Museum holds many items from his private collection. A major part of his work was the collection and recording of Aboriginal songs.

Physical Description

Paper booklet of sheet music stapled in the centre. The cover is decorated with brown and black Aboriginal objects such as boomerangs and shields. The text is in black.


This publication is significant because it represents the ethnographic work of Dr Harold Octavius Lethbridge (1880-1964), physician and surgeon, who worked extensively with Aboriginal populations of remote New South Wales and Queensland communities during the early 20th century.

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  • Collecting Areas

    Migration & Cultural Diversity

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  • Publisher

    Allan & Co., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1952

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    Australia, 1952
    Score compiled and translated by Dr. H.O. Lethbridge, with accompanying arrangements by Arthur S. Loam

  • Inscriptions

    Cover: 'Australian Aboriginal Songs/ Melodies, rhythm and words truly and authentically aboriginal/ Price 3/-/ Collected and translated by Dr. H.O. Lethbridge/ Accompaniments arranged by Arthur S. Loam/ Allan & Co Pty Ltd/ Melbourne - Sydney - Adelaide - Bendigo'

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    Cultural identity, Ethnicity, Stereotypes

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    History & Technology

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    235 mm (Width), 304 mm (Height)

  • References

    [Link 1] accessed 20/04/2011. W.S. (Bill) Oliver, The Great White Father: The biography of a great Australian: Dr H.O. Lethbridge (1880-1944).

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    Indigenous Peoples, Music