Silver striking of coin; Denomination: Guinea
Struck by Matthew Young
James VIII (1701-1766)

James landed in Scotland for his coronation in 1715. The coronation was to be at Scone on 23 January 1716 and dies were prepared for his coinage by Norbert Roettiers in Paris. He returned to France without being crowned in February. This piece was among those struck from the original dies for the gold guinea, in silver in 1828 by Matthew Young - then the dies were defaced.

Obverse Description

Laureate and draped bust of 'The Old Pretender' facing right; around, IACOBVS VIII DEI GRATIA (some spotting due to die corrrosion)

Reverse Description

Four crowned shields set to form a cross around a thistle; the shields bear the arms of Scotland, England, France and Ireland; in angles, scepters with head of harp, lis, thistle and orb; around, SCO AN FRA ET HIB REX 1716, the date being divided by the crown above the Scottish arms

Edge Description


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