Summons to attend a 'Special Meeting of City Council' held to celebrate the end of World War II. The unaddressed, eight-page booklet style council summons contains images of the Shrine of Remembrance and Victory March, and lists members of the city council at the date of the victory meeting,

Physical Description

Eight pages of lightweight card. Printed throughout with text in brown ink framed by a border of red and blue. The front page features a full colour image of the CIty of Melbourne coat of arms and text in brown ink. An image of a dove holding a laurel branch in its beak is depicted on the back cover. A ribbon of red, white and blue stripes is tied between two holes punched on the left spine. This ribbon ties the Notice Paper to the Minutes of the special meeting.


These two publications document an important period in world history, the cessation of fighting at the end of World War I, and a city's response to this occasion. They embrace a number of collecting themes: Celebration & Tradition, Military History and Governance.
The Summons outlines the two motions considered at the special meeting: the first a heartfelt gratitude to 'Almighty God', the second the council's 'admiration of the inspiring and outstanding leadership displayed by the Heads of the ALlied Nations'. Both motions were unanimously endorsed and recorded in the minutes. The documents are interesting for the record of people who attended the special meeting, including where they sat. It was a veritable who's who of Melbourne's elite.

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