A grieving garment made whilst a female widow is in seclusion, mourning the loss of her husband. Fibre is prepared and twisted from the bark of local trees and Jobs Tears seeds (coix lacryma) are collected from plants that grow close to rivers in the Oro Provincial region. The seeds are halved and thread onto the prepared fibre.
This garment along with a head covering (X 7434) were made in seclusion with the widow/s relatives and only worn in public once the seclusion period is over. The mourning garments embodied the intangible weight of grief and communicated to people that a widow was still in a period of mourning her husband whilst being physically visible in the village. The design and detail of each garment is individual to the grieving widow/s.

Physical Description

Garment made from twisted fibre from the bark of trees thread with halved Jobs Tears seeds (coix lacryma).

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