Digital Audio Tape of an interview with Anna, Ervins and Anita Apinis about their migration and settlement experiences following World War II and their creative practices. Anna Apinis was born in 1913 in Latvia. She attended weaving lessons in Liepaja in Latvia from 1930 to 1933 and spent hours at the nearby Liepaja Ethnographic Museum, recording traditional fabric designs in her notebooks. Anna had a loom constructed for her by fellow (male) survivors of World War II at a Displaced Persons camp in Germany.

Anna migrated to Australia in 1950, with her father Ernest, husband Ervins and their son Erik, her precious loom came also. This was a blessing as her obsession with weaving helped to ease the pain of displacement and separation that she and her husband Ervins felt in their new land. Anna and Ervins' daughter Anita was born in Australia and continued her mother's tradition of weaving, first being taught by her and later studying at the Melbourne Collage of Textiles.

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Interview with Anna, Ervins and Anita Apinis discussing their migration and creative practices in Melbourne.

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DAT cassette

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