Alternative Name(s): Hussif, Sewing Kit

A leather housewife, or sewing kit, containing needles, buttons and thread.

Part of the Captain F.S. Laurie Collection. Captain Francis Stewart Laurie served in the Australian Army (regimental #SX619) from 17 Nov 1939 to 26 Oct 1945. He was born in Burnside, South Australia in 1917, and enlisted at Woodside, South Australia at the age of 22. He served in Tobruk and New Guinea, and attained the rank of captain. He was in the 9th Division of the Australian Army Service Corps (AASC) at the time of his discharge. His uniform and other personal effects were donated to Museum Victoria by his widow, Mrs Betty Laurie.

Physical Description

Rectangular length of leather folded over at two ends to form two pouches. There are two straps of leather sewn onto the inner to form loops. There is a piece of wool fabric attached to one of the inner pouch with three rusted needles inserted into it. One of the needles has a light coloured length of cotton threaded through its eye. There is a wad of various lengths of cotton and wool threads, coloured grey, beige and brown. There are 20 buttons in three colours (beige, light brown, dark brown) and three sizes; five have two holes and the remainder have four holes in each. There is a length of cotton tape stitched to one end to secure the kit when it is rolled up.

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