Advertising Card for City Studios, featuring the photographer David Fell, circa 1950s.

The City Studios operated at the 2nd floor of the Block Arcade in Melbourne, probably from the 1950s to the 1960s. This card, numbered D 257, was most likely used as part of the studio's street photography business, given out to a potential customer who had been photographed on the street and then invited to view the photographic proofs the following day and purchase copies of the photographs. They were identifiable through the number on the card, 'D 257'. The customer was invited to telephone the studio or forward the card with a stamped addressed envelope and postal note with full descriptions of the people photographed. This card advertises an offer of a free enlargement with each dozen photographs ordered.

City Studios also did photography work at weddings, parties and birthdays, without charge, offering their services on a no obligation arrangement.

Physical Description

Cream coloured card with red text.

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