White plastic electric 'Professional Nail Polish Dryer' with original box, instructions, warranty card and list of authorised repair centres, made by Rad Industries Pty Ltd on behalf of Remington Products Australia Pty Ltd, under the 'Lady Remington' product range name.

This model, the 'Dry "N" Go', ND100, was made in China in 1994. The company was no longer making nail dryers in 2010 when the item was acquired by Museum Victoria.

The nail dryer accommodated two hands or two feet at once, and had a ten minute drying cycle. The box stated that it was the 'First nail dryer to really work' and that it had automatic hot and cold cycles, drying 4 coats of polish to a 'lustrous finish in minutes'.

Physical Description

White plastic nail polish dryer, with white electric cord and plug. The unit has two drying spaces at the front. It comes with the original box, a warranty card, instructions, and a list of repair centres.

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