Promotional sticker posing the question 'Sprechen Sie Deutsch?' (Do you speak German?). Germans are one of largest ethnic groups in Victoria with 28,123 German born people counted in the 2006 census. Many still speak German at home and the sticker notes the longevity of German as a language in Australia - having been spoken here since 1838.

Deutsch als Fremdsprache in Australien (The Network of Australian Teachers of German) produced the sticker as a way to promote the continued learning of German as a business and commercial language. This organisation is affiliated with The Goethe-Institute, which is cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany which operates worldwide to promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation.The donor was given this sticker in her German language course package from the Goethe Institute in Melbourne.

Physical Description

Blue, black and white sticker.


This sticker is significant as it demonstrates the promotion of German language tuition and also emphasises how long German has been a language in Australia.

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