First Edition of The Reminiscences of Detective-Inspector Christie by J.B.Castieau and published by George Robertson & Co, Melbourne, circa 1915. The book documents the reminiscences of customs detective John Christie. John Christie arrived in Melbourne at the age of 18, ready to try his luck in the world. He worked on the goldfields, but made more money in the boxing ring. He joined the police force as a detective, gaining fame for his use of disguise to make arrests. Then he was accused of using dubious police techniques and forced to resign. In 1884, at 39 years old, Christie joined Customs as a labourer on the wharf, but quickly rose through the ranks to become a detective, searching ships for smuggled goods. Within a few years he held the senior position of Inspector of Liquor and Excise. John Christie was forced to retire in 1910, following injuries he received in a fight with knife-wielding opium smugglers on Melbourne's docks. He died in 1927.

Physical Description

Book with hard red cover, 240 pages. Title printed in gold lettering on front cover and spine. The book is divided into four parts and 25 chapters. There are several photographs, primarily of Christie in 'disguise', throughout the book.

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