Alternative Name(s): Share Certificate
Share Scrip for fifty full paid up (50) shares of £1 each in the North Broken Hill Mining Company No Liability, issued to W. Gwiner of Adelaide, on 16th April 1908. Share Nos.6151 to 6200, Certificate No.M 2045.

The North Broken Hill Mining Company No Liability was registered under Part II Division IV of the Companies Act 1890, with a nominal capital £140,000 in 140,000 shares of £1 each. Registered Office: Ludstone Chambers, 352 Collins Street, Melbourne, Signed by ?? and Hal Sheppard, Director.

The North Broken Hill Mining Co No Liability was registered in Victoria in 1905 through a reconstruction of the North Broken Hill Silver Mining Co No Liability, which had in turn taken over in 1895 from the North Broken Hill Silver Mining Co Ltd, originally formed in 1888. In 1912, North Broken Hill Mining Co No Liability was taken over by the North Broken Hill Ltd, which became one of the longest surviving Broken Hill mining companies, operating until 1998, when it was reconstructed as North Broken Hill Peko Ltd, following a merger with Peko Wallsend Ltd. In 1994, the merged company changed its name to North Limited.

Obverse Description

Mottled green, long rectangular, paper certificate, printed on both sides. Margin on the right of the obverse indicated the number of shares purchased. Pierced twice indicating the certificate has been cancelled.

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    Engineering, Public Life & Institutions, Numismatics & Philately

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  • Date Issued

    1908 (AD)

  • Issued By

    North Broken Hill Mining Co. No Liabilty, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1908

  • Inscriptions

    Printed and handwritten text on obverse: NORTH BROKEN HILL MINING COMPANY,/ NO LIABILITY/ REGISTERED UNDER PART II DIVISION IV OF THE COMPANIES ACT 1890./ CAPITAL L140,000, IN 140,000 SHARES OF L1 EACH./ 50/ 50/ No. of Certificate M 2045 Certificated for 50 Paid up Shares/ This is to Certify that W. Gwiner/ of Adelaide/ is the registered holder of Fifty (50)/ Shares numbered respectively as per margin hereof inclusive in the/ North Broken Hill Mining Company No Liability Subject to the Rules and/ Regulations of the said Company and upon which Shares the sum of ONE POUND per/ share has been paid./ Given at Melbourne under the Common Seal of the Company this 16th day of/ April one thousand nine hundred and 8/ ...MANAGER/ ...DIRECTOR/ ON APPLICATION TO TRANSFER THE ABOVE SHARES OR ANY OF THEM, THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE DELIVERED UP TO THE MANAGER OF THE COMPANY.

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    Mining & metallurgy, Mining finance - silver, lead & zinc, Share scrip

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    History & Technology

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    322 mm (Width), 180 mm (Height)

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    Blainey, Geoffrey, 'The Rise of Broken Hill', Macmillan, Australia, 1968. Blainey, Geoffrey (ed), 'If I Remember Rightly - The Memoirs of W.S. Robinson 1876-1963', F.W. Cheshire Publishing, Melbourne, 1967. Guide to Australian Business Records, [Link 1] accessed 09/09/2010.

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    Financial Services, Lead Mining, Mining Companies, Mining Finance, Share Certificates, Silver Mining