A small format booklet described as “Service Instructions” for the NEWAGE (Austin) 2 1/4 Litre Engine Clutch & Gear Box used on SUNSHINE ENGINE-FUNCTIONED HEADERS No. 4 & No. 6.
It notes that it should be used in conjunction with the No. 4 and No. 6 Header Service Manuals.

The publication contains:



Preparing Engine for Work

Starting the Engine

Stopping the Engine

Carburettor Adjustment

It includes line drawings of the Magneto fitting and timing mechanisms and assembly of the clutch and reduction gear.

The back cover lists the address, telegram and telephone details for the various state locations.

The front cover has hand annotation possibly relating to printing batch details.


'Service Instructions NEWAGE (AUSTIN) 2 1/4 LITRE ENGINE CLUTCH & GEAR BOX used on SUNSHINE ENGINE-FUNCTIONED HEADERS No. 4 & No.6' X 513, replaces X449

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