Book containing a list of duplicate parts for the Sundercut and Sunderseeder No. 10. Instructions for ordering parts is included inside the front cover along with the registered telegraph addresses for the branch locations and specific codes for preferred despatch method.

The first page indexes the list and also provides a money saving suggestion for the user "IT PAYS, in most instances, when a part is required for your machine, to also replace the parts that work with it. This proves most economical and assures utmost value and efficiency from the new part, ....".

Parts are listed in a functional table format with Reference Number, Part Number, Description, and Quantity Used. Each parts section is accompanied by a sectional drawing referenced to the parts list. A numerical Part Index is included at the rear. Notes pages are included along with a photograph of the Sunderseeder.

Inside the back cover is information about the company's duplicate parts service and their policy on stock levels and distribution. The rear cover lists the postal addresses for the Australian offices and Distributors.

This book has 2 amended parts list stapled to the rear cover.

List No. 5612 V / Amendment A1/5612V / AmendmentA2/5612V


'SUNSHINE MASSEY HARRIS Sundercut and Sunderseeder No.10 DUPLICATE PARTS LIST' List No. 5612 V

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