Flyer advertising J.Furphy & Sons Pty Ltd, also known as Furphy's Foundry, 'Queen' Room Heaters, produced around 1975. The stoves were manufactured at the J.Furphy & Sons Pty Ltd factory in Shepparton.

This cast iron wood burning 'Queen' heater was a combined heater-stove as it had two hotplates. It also had a stainless steel flue. This cast iron heater was of a 'superior' quality than other stoves made by Furphy. It could heat a room up to about 14 square metres and was fuelled by wood or briquettes.

This stove design began to be made in Australia in about the 1880s by the Crown Stoves foundry in Queensland. It was installed in most Queensland railway stations as well as in many homes. Furphy's foundry purchased the patterns to the 'Queen' heater when Crown Stoves closed down.

J.Furphy & Sons Pty Ltd were established by John Furphy in 1873 at Shepparton, in north eastern Victoria. In 2010 the company remained family owned (5th generation) and is still based in Shepparton. The company is renowned for its Furphy Water Cart, which was used in war time, by farmers and in fire-fighting, and is still produced today in a galvanised, rather than its original cast iron, form.

Physical Description

Single page colour flyer, printed on white paper with black ink. Printed on one side only. Features illustration of a Furphy 'Queen' heater.



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