Colour brochure promoting Hills clothes line and laundry accessories range.

The clothes lines include the 'Foldaline', which folded down out of the way to save back garden space; the 'Supa Hoist', a tough product which was built to last and came in 4 different sizes; the 'Paraline', which was attached to a wall or posts and folded down flat to give more space; and the 'Extendaline 5', which extended from one wall or post to another, and retracted to provide space when finished. Other accessory products in the brochure include the 'Easifold' laundry trolley; 'Styliner' laundry trolley; 'Hidaline 5'; Clothes Stand; and a range of ironing boards and covers including the 'Susanne', 'Caroline', 'Celeste' and 'Belle'.

Physical Description

Colour brochure that folds into four, featuring a colour scheme of blue and green, and colour photographs.



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