The string bag and its contents was collected the day before the legendary Yolngu leader, Wonggu Mununggurr made his first bark painting for Donald Thomson. It contains a number of items relating to painting, such as pigments and resins, human hair, animal and vegetable fibres used to spin into string, as well as metal objects, bone awls and two smaller string bags.

Physical Description

A bag made of vegetable fibre string using a simple loop stitch. It has a multistrand handle attached on opposite sides of the rim. The contents include lumps of ochre and resin, two fibre mesh bags of similar structure, two bone awls, a small paperbark parcel, a nut and bolt, a shell, human hair, possum fur and vegetable fibre for string, a piece of metal and a section of orchid stem.

Local Name



This is a rare object having been collected wiht its original contents by Donald Thomson during his first weeks at the camp of the legendary Djapu leader, Wongu.

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