Flyer advertising a Clemco forced draught drying oven, which was manufactured and distributed in Australia by Gelman Clemco Pty Ltd around 1970. The flyer was printed by Central Press in Sydney.

Clemco forced draught drying ovens, were used in Australian industry, research and medicine. Gelman Clemco also manufactured a range of laminar/flow and microbiological safety equipment, as well as other heat control equipment such as gravity convection ovens, forced draught drying ovens, anhydric and water jacketed incubators, and stainless steel water baths. Gelman Clemco had distribution offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

This forced draught drying oven uses an electric motor and has a solid state thermostat with a separate safety thermostat. The cabinet was made in two tone beige with an enamel steel outer wall and stainless steel inner wall. Insulation is used in the door and between the walls. The oven has two zinc plated shelves with the option of stainless steel shelves. Hinges and handles are chrome plated. The oven has a temperature range from 50 degrees celsius to 150 degrees celsius. It is a 240 Volt 50 Hz unit with a 3 pin plug and 6 foot flex cord. The oven comes in three models, CFD018 - 1500 watts, CFD024 - 2000 watts and CFD036 - 3000 watts. It is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty materials and workmanship.

Physical Description

Glossy 2 sided, single page printed flyer. White paper printed with black ink. Front features a colour photographic reproduction of an oven.



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