Ceremonial men's baskets painted with madayin minytji or sacred clan designs are known as bathi mindirr. The designs embue the basket with power of the ancestors or marr. The other form of sacred men's baskets are bathi mindjalpi, which are decorated with string, including that made from animal fur, feathers and strips of cotton cloth, usually coloured. These can take the form of pendants or wanna (arms) attached to the body of the basket. The material is usually recycled from sacred ceremonial objects and this similarly embues the basket with power. These bathi are worn by senior men during ceremony or held between the teeth during fighting, however no restrictions apply to women or children seeing them. Paperbark is put inside these baskets to keep their round form.

Physical Description

A twined conical basket painted with natural pigments and decorated with parrot feathers. The multistrand vegetable fibre string handle is attached to the rim at the back. The design is large rectangular blocks of yellow and red ochre and black pigment. The red sections are overpainted with white dots. The upper part of the body of the basket is decorated with horizontal stripes and a single band of feathers.


This basket is painted with the distinctive pattern belonging to the Marrungu clan.

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