This bathi or basket is coated inside with beeswax making it almost watertight. It is used to hold bush honey or sugarbag collected from the nests of the native bee. It is unusually painted with five different pigments including ratjpa, a highly valued pigment with a pinkish metallic sheen. The distinctive bands are separated by rows of three stranded twining.

Physical Description

A conical basket made of pandanus with the twining technique. It has a multistrand handle of vegetable fibre string. The body of the basket is painted with natural pigments and horizontal bands of varying patterns. The internal surface is coated in beeswax. It also has a small nipple at the very bottom of the basket.

Local Name

bathi marin


This is a very rare baskets having a figure of a fish painted onto the surface. The body of the fish is painted in a downwards direction.

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