Trade catalogue, "Sunshine Farm Implements", 48 pages, illustrated with photos and line drawings.

Cover shows map of Australia superimposed with the full diversity of equipment manufactured by the H V McKay company. This illustration symbolises the capacity of McKay equipment to suit every soil and environmental condition in Australia, and which made it possible for McKay to successfully export this equipment around the world. In the centre of the map is an illustration of the Sunshine Harvester Works "largest in the hemisphere". Behind the map of Australia is a "rising sun" emblem. The map identifies the Head Offices of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The publication gives full illustration and text description of each implement, including cultivators, ploughs, plough shares, harrows, field rollers, saw bench, winch, swingle trees, equalizing horse yokes, bag loaders, sack trucks, chaff cutter, horse works, metal gates. Along the top of each page is a narrow line drawing of iconic images of equipment on the farm and in the factory. The last page is a pink 'tear-out' order form and pricelist.



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