Four page flyer titled 'How to Combat the Sheep Blowfly', which promotes the Silent Cop Fly Trap, distributed in Sydney by Everyday Products Pty Ltd, in 1938.

The Silent Cop blowfly trap is designed to combat the primary or 'striking' fly. This fly is stated to have caused losses in the woolgrowing industry in the late 1930s of around 1.5 to 4 million pounds per year. The flyer uses illustrations of the primary fly and of the trap itself, and features several testimonials by satisfied buyers of the trap.

The Silent Cop trap responds to design criteria established by the CSIR and NSW Department of Agriculture. It attracts female breeding fly and uses a chemical as a lure, which is used in combination with a meat bait floating in water. It has a container for dead flies measuring 18 inches deep. The meat recommended to be used as bait is liver, rabbit, snake, offal, native birds or portions of sheep. The trap only needs to be rebaited every 2 or 3 weeks. It is advertised as cheap, durable, portable, can be easily dis-assembled and is simple to operate. It is recommended to be positioned near where sheep camp or water, and to be placed in a 9 inch deep hole or wired to a fence or post. The flyer suggests that dead flies and old bait be burnt. The cost of the trap and one seasons supply of the chemical lure is 39 pounds.

Physical Description

Four page, single fold flyer. Yellow buff paper printed with green text. it features an illustration of a fly on the front cover, an illustration of the exterior of the trap on the inside left page, and a cross-section of the trap on the back page.



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