Brochure dating from 1936 advertising Australian-made 'ElectrIce' electric refrigerators (fridges), titled 'Electrice Electric Refrigeration...Guarding Your Health And Your Purse'.

The brochure was distributed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, Electricity Supply Department, which displayed 'ElectrIce' products in its showrooms at 238 Flinders Street Melbourne and at supply branches around the state. Promotion focused on the protection from spoilage that ElectrIce refrigerators provided, as well as their affordability, and their simple, convenient and clean operation. Information about the cabinet sizes, features and internal food storage capacity were listed for 7 different models.

The basic model ElectrIce E671 refrigerator could be purchased for a deposit of £6 and the balance paid off on 'easy terms'. This refrigerator had a capacity of 3 cubic feet, and had 4 shelves and 2 ice trays. Included among the other models was the ED678, which had two doors and a 15.5 cubic feet capacity. All models featured interiors finished in white porcelain enamel, and cabinet exteriors finished in white baked lacquer. Some models had automatic interior lights, as well as foot treadles so that the doors could be conveniently opened when people's arms were full of food.

Electrice was registered as a company in October 1924 'to conduct business as mechanical and general engineers, etc., and to manufacture and deal in refrigerating machines'. Its first directors were G. S. Warburton, J. O'Neill, H. York, and F. J. Carrick, Sydney ( Daily Commercial News and Shipping List, 31 October 1924, p. 4).

Physical Description

Colour brochure folded in half and then in three. Features a green and white background with black text, and black and white photographs.


'ElectrICE Electric Refrigeration ... GUARDING YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR PURSE'

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