Brochure printed in Australia dating from 1950, advertising 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators (fridges). Titled ''Your New Frigidaire Built and Backed by General Motors With Money-Saving Meter-Miser'.

The brochure was published by the Frigidaire & Household Appliances Division of General Motors-Holden's Limited. It claimed that 'more than 11 million Frigidaires have been sold throughout the world'. Promotion focused on 4 key points: The 'meter-miser' saved up to 25% on electricity use. (The unique 'meter-miser' was a rotary 'cold-making mechanism' which was automatically oiled and was permanently sealed against moisture and dirt.) Savings on food were made through preventing food spoilage. The refrigerators made ice 'cheaper than you can buy it', and the 'precise engineering' saved money on maintenance. 'Frigidaire' refrigerators featured a '5 year protection plan', and the cabinet had an additional 12 month warranty. A GMAC 'confidential payment plan' was also offered to consumers.

'Frigidaire' refrigerators, commonly known as fridges, came in two de luxe models. They had a 'super-freezer', a food compartment, and a glass topped 'hydrator' for moist-cold storage of fruit and vegetables. They also featured 'quickube' ice trays, and a control dial for the freezer and a defroster setting. They also featured automatic interior lights, porcelain interior food compartment and an exterior made from steel with Dulux colours baked on. 'Frigidaires' used Freon, which the brochure claimed was 'the safest refrigerant known to mankind'.

The brochure does not say whether the fridges were manufactured in Australia or imported. It is possible that the refrigeration components were imported from General Motors in USA and the cabinets fabricated and fitted up locally into finished units.

Physical Description

Paper brochure folded in half and then in half again. Multi-coloured printing, including blue, mustard and black, on a white background.


'Your new FRIGIDAIRE ... with money-saving Meter-Miser ... FA 57-2-50'

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