The firm Lightburn & Co. Limited, had its origins in a motor repair business originally established by Albert Henry Lightburn (c.1877 - 1940) in the garage behind his family home at 42 Arthur Street, Unley, in August 1919. Later A.H. Lightburn formed a partnership with William Gleed Gardner to open the Unley Motor Garage, at No.1 Unley Road, Unley in 1921. Apart from fuel sales the business offered 'repairs to all makes of cars' and occasonally advertised secondhand cars for sale.
The business continued as Lightburn & Gardner until 9th June 1932, when Albert bought out his partner, continuing the business on his own account until his death on 27th October 1940. The business continued as a private company A.H. Lightburn & Co. under the management of the founder's son, Harold Lightburn, who in 1941, began diversifying into the manufacture of equipment for automotive repair workshops. Amongst the most successful products of the new business were their "Lightning" brand hydraulic jacks.

Engines manufactured by The Villiers Engineering Co. Ltd., Villiers Street, Wolverhampton, England.

Physical Description

Cover printed in two-colour black and green ink on glossy white stock with double inward folded hinge at spin attached to internal pages with two tin-plated steel flat-plate folded split pin paper fasteners, secured with round washer at back. Contents printed double-sided on loose-leaf glossy off-white paper stock in monochrome black ink. Specifications of Zeta Rounabout: Engine: Type: Villiers Twin-Cylinder Air-cooled Inline Two-Stroke Bore x Stroke: 57 mm (2.24 in.) x 63.5 mm (2.50 in.) Piston Displacement: 324 c.c. (19.75 Rated Horsepower: 4 (S.A.E. rating) Gross Horsepower: 16.5 BHP @ 5,000 r.p.m. Fuel Capacity: 5 gal. Transmission: Tyres: 125 x 12 (18 psi front & rear) Electricals: Battery: 12 V x 9 plate Dimensions: Overall Weight: 960 lb. (435.45 kg) Overall Length: 121 in. Overall Width: 54 in. Overall Height: 56 in. Wheelbase: 74 in. Front Track: 42 in. Rear Track: 44 in. Turning Circle: 29 ft.



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