Brochure printed in Australia dating from the 1960s, advertising Crosley brand electric refrigerators (fridges), titled 'Now More Than Ever, Set Your Heart On a New Crosley Compact with "Instant Cold", Truly the Finest'.

Printed and distributed in Australia by Healings Sales Pty Ltd. The Crosley refrigerators featured temperature control, a separate freezer, crispers, a magnetic door seal, and even a bottle opener in the door handle. The interior door fittings included shelves and egg racks. The interior was finished in porcelain enamel. The Crosley was promoted as being able to chill food more quickly than any other refrigerator through its 'reserve power instant cold' compressor, which was also cheap to run.

During the 1960s Healing Pty Ltd also made and sold washing machines, televisions, radios, radiograms and air conditioners. Earlier in its history the company had additionally manufactured bicycles and other miscellaneous products.

Physical Description

Single page brochure, featuring white and green background and blue text. Front cover features line drawing of woman with husky dog, and a Crosley refrigerator. On back cover are line drawings showing different features of the refrigerators and information on their size and capacity.


'CROSLEY Compact ... WITH "INSTANT COLD" Truly the Finest'

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