Specific product catalogue promoting the 'Pacemaker' and 'Challenger' tractors from the Sunshine Massey Harris product line.

The color theme of the brochure is clevely designed to match the distinct and recognisable red and yellow coloring of the machinery.

These tractors were first introduced in 1936. Two years later updated versions were released. A more fashionable style was adopted along with a bright red finish. Bold and bright images inside the brochure convey the high end quality of these tractors.

The heart of the publication lies in the message that these tractors are designed for every kind of farm. This diversity is emphasized alongside several images of the tractors in use on farms accross Australia. Photographs of the tractor parts are also featured throughout. An interesting image to note is of a demonstration held at the Melbourne Royal Show.

The booklet also has a collection of articles relating to the products' performance, low cost and easy steering feature.


'Better than ever - the new PACEMAKER and CHALLENGER Sunshine Massey Harris' L 283 6900, DBm, 1138

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