Bark painting by Wuluwirr who along with his father Wonggu produced a number of bark paintings for Donald Thomson in the first few weeks of July 1935 when he arrived at their camp for the first time. This bark painting depicts a Macassan prau that is painted using a white pigment or clay. The detail on the vessel is outlined with red ochre and a blue pigment, most likely the laundry whitener Recketts Blue, has also been used. The prau is depicted with its sail fully extended and the figures on deck and below deck are portrayed wearing trousers and shirts.

Wuluwirr mainly provided translation between Donald Thomson and Wonggu Mununggur in 1935 and 1936.

Physical Description

A single sheet of Stringybark (Eucalyptus tetrodonta) painted with natural pigments and blue pigment, probably Recketts Blue. The image is of Macassan prau depicted with its sail extended. Human figures, some with trousers and shirts are shown on deck and below deck.

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