'NEW INVENTION' 'Alston's Gearless Windmills' 'The mechanism is of the simplest form, consisting of only Three Moving Parts, which are entirely enclosed in a DUST-PROOF CASE, and run in an OIL BATH. Fitted throughout with Steel Ball Bearings, which makes it Frictionless, Noiseless, and Unwearable. It has no Chain Drive to stretch or get out of order. No Cogs to wear. No Pins or Keys to work loose. It is, in fact, the Simplest, Strongest, and Lightest Running Mill manufactured.' 'No attention required. One Pint of Oil will lubricate this Mill for months. As soon as the Mill starts, Oil is carried to all Working Parts.' 'Over 30,000 "Alston" mills now in use Throughout Australia.' 'Expert advice and 70-page Catalogue posted Free on application.' 'The largest manufacturer and only firm giving Its whole Attention to the construction of Windmill Outfits.' 'JAMES ALSTON, Windmill, Trough, Pump and Valve Manufacturer, Queen's Bridge, MELBOURNE.' 'Agents for New South Wales - H.H. HINDS, Ltd., Machinery Merchants, Smail St., SYDNEY.'

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