Alternative Name(s): Debenture Stock Certificate

First Mortgage Debenture of £100, with 8 ½ % interest per annum for a 7 year period, for Chevron Sydney Limited, issued to Miss Christina M. Francis of Kew, Victoria, on 15th September 1959. Maturity on 31st August 1966. Certificate No. 292.

Chevron Sydney Limited was incorporated in Victoria on the 15th May 1959. Registered Office: 34 Queen's Road, Melbourne, Victoria.

Physical Description

Logo has a capital 'C' with a glass inside and 3 chevrons above it. Blue stamp in lower left hand corner. Decorative green border.

Obverse Description

Printed on white stock, both sides. Black printed lettering and black, typewritten text. Extensive text both sides. Red seal and some text in red.

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