Hecla factory workers employed assembling electric stoves, possibly at the Little Bourke Street Hecla Factory in Melbourne. The floor is crowded with partially completed "Hecla" Electric Stoves of a model sold during the 1920s. It was available in either steel with enamel finish, or nickelplate and enamel.

Advertising material for this product claims that the stove was suitable for a family of six to eight persons. It featured a circular oven, 14 inches in diameter, 14 inches deep, and perforated shelves. Heating was controlled by a switch that could be set to low, medium or full heat. The oven was heavily lagged so it would retain heat, and steam vents were incorporated for browning purposes. The oven also incorporated two hot plate elements and a toasting or grill beneath these.

This photograph is from an album containing 255 black and white photographs depicting electrical appliances, showroom displays, factory interiors and advertising material relating to Hecla Electrics Pty Ltd. It is part of the Hecla collection of photographs, documents, products, manuals and promotional materials from the Hecla Electrics factories in Melbourne. This collection dates from the late 19th century to the late 20th century and was acquired in 2004 from the current owner of the Hecla Electrics brand.

Hecla Electrics manufactured and distributed a wide range of domestic and commercial electric appliances products to Australasia, such as heaters, kettles, toasters, stoves and water heaters. Its client base included households, commercial businesses such as cafés, hospitals and offices, as well as the military. The company promoted its goods through advertisements in home magazines and displays in shop windows, home shows and the 1935 All-Electricity Exhibition. Hecla Electrics became a household name in Melbourne during the 1920s and remained a popular Australian brand until the late 20th century.'

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Photograph of a Hecla factory floor; workers assemble Hecla electric stoves in a crowded work space.

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Black and white photograph with white border attached to a buff paper backing by sticky tape at each corner.

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