Photograph of a TE20 Ferguson Tractor fitted with caterpillar tracks being unloaded from a ship from Antarctica, 1965. The Massey-Ferguson Review June 1965 records 'Showing still signs of wear, but still unconquered. A famous 'Fergie' - the first mechanical vehicle to reach the South Pole is unloaded at London docks on its last stages of its journey 'home' to the MF factory at Coventry. It was one of Sir Edmund Hillary's three famous 'Fergies' that carried Sir Edmund in his epic 1200-mile journey to the pole in 1958. It has been working at the pole ever since. In the last 500-mile, 14-day dash to the South Pole the tractors traversed soft snow and crevasses at altitudes of more than 10,000 feet. Sir Edmund, cabling from the Pole on arrival said: 'Despite quite unsuitable conditions of soft snow and high altitude, our Fergusons performed magnificently and it was their extreme reliability that made our trip possible'.'

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A Ferguson TE20 fitted with full caterpillar tracks being unloaded from a ship via a crane and sling. Three men standing on the ship are watching.

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Black and white photograph

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