Unisex white cotton t-shirt with the slogan 'Aussie Value #1 Politicians don't own Australian Values'. It was distributed by the website "Values Australia" which satirizes the debates surrounding the 2006 decision to introduce a new citizenship test and discussions since then around "Australian values".

Physical Description

Size M white cotton t-shirt. Message appears on both front and back. In black type: "Aussie Value #1", below "Politicians don't own Australian Values". Below this is a variation on the Australian flag, the Union Jack is in it's usual place but there are white stars all over the remainder of the flag. Next to this is ""


These t-shirts are representative individuals' efforts to counteract racism and discrimination in Australian society through the setting up of a satirical website "Values Australia" and through selling items with anti-discriminatory messages through the website CafePress. The Values Australia website is a satirical take on the debate over Australian Values which happened towards the end of 2006 when the Australian government introduced a new citizenship test.

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