Unisex ash grey cotton t-shirt with the slogan 'A Mate is someone who doesn't want your job, which is why Howard has no mates (apart from being a complete bogan).' It was distributed by the website "Values Australia" which satirizes the debates surrounding the 2006 decision to introduce a new citizenship test and discussions since then around "Australian values".

Physical Description

Size M ash grey cotton t-shirt. The message appears on the front only. In red capitals: "A Mate", in smaller black type: "is someone who doesn't want your job", then in smaller blue type: which explains why Howard has no mates (apart from being a complete bogan)" Below this is a coat of arms of the "Ministry of Mateship". An emu appears on the left, with prison bars with hands gripping the inside bars, diagonally crossed with a red sash. A crown appears above the bars, and to the right is a Red kangaroo lying down, all of this is surrounded by Australian flora. To the right of the coat of arms is a black outlined rectangle. The top half is coloured black and the writing in white is: "Another valued insight from", below in red type is: ""


These t-shirts are representative individuals' efforts to counteract racism and discrimination in Australian society through the setting up of a satirical website "Values Australia" and through selling items with anti-discriminatory messages through the website CafePress. The Values Australia website is a satirical take on the debate over Australian Values which happened towards the end of 2006 when the Australian government introduced a new citizenship test.

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