Plastic water container used to collect water from the roof of Ron Hayter's garage, Haven. This was found in the ruins of Ron Hayter's home in Haven (near Horsham) following the destruction of his home by the Black Saturday bushfires on 7th February 2009. The fire came from across the road between two homes (both left unharmed) and destroyed the donor's home in approximately 2 minutes. A ute with a water trailer attached were at the front of the home and were also destroyed by the fire. The donor lost everything - the only remaining items that were not destroyed by the fire were his car and his son's car.

This oil can forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection, which also includes photographs and interviews relating to the Remlaw bushfire that burnt through Haven on Black Saturday.

Physical Description

Collapsed melted plastic container used to store liquids, with handle and screw top opening without cap. Container is off-white colour. Remnants of a dark green label can be seen in one of the melted folds. Inscriptions: Underneath a recycling triangular mould with "2" in the centre; production date is indicated by a circular mould "24 June 2004/AUS". Top of container indicates moulded ribbing. Near the base is a smaller opening that may have been used as an outlet for the liquid.


This item is relates to the Remlaw bushfire near Horsham which started on 7th February 2009, and destroyed 13 houses and burnt 2,200 hectares. This fire was contained on 8th February 2009. Much of the media representation focused on the catastrophic impact of the fires on Kinglake and Marysville areas, where deaths were recorded. The Haven fire was not well recorded in the wider media.

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