Rectangular metal street sign with vinyl lettering on both sides: 'Watsons Lane'. This street sign was burnt during the Black Saturday busfires on the 7th February, 2009 and was replaced on 12 March 2009. It was the only sign in Horsham that needed replacing after the fires.

Physical Description

Rectangular metal sign with three holes drilled along one side for attachment to pole. Large rectangles of cream and red vinyl has been adhered to both sides. Attached to the white is black lettering, which now appears white from the heat. The red vinyl has had lettering cut out from it, exposing the white vinyl underneath. The top and bottom of the sign have been reinforced with a thick metal strip.


A significant feature of the February 2009 bushfires across Victoria was the impact that these fires had on urban areas, destroying over 2,000 properties and associated local government facilities and infrastructure. Another strong theme that this item links with, and which runs across all of the bushfire affected areas, was the issue of road access, during and after the bushfires.

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