Rectangular landscape-format publicity booklet, in the form of a spiral bound photo album.

This booklet was issued in 1985 by Channel 7 to publicise the launch of its new drama series `Neighbours', which first went to air on March 18th of that year. One of a very small print run, they were sent to reviewers, media outlets and advertisers to promote the program and its cast and crew.

Physical Description

Rectangular booklet, landscape format, with thick card covers, spiral bound with white coated wire along one edge. Inside are eleven black card pages, interspersed with thick off white tissue paper. Printed inside are details about the series, a cast list, photographs and details about the actors and their characters (two per page), production details including details about the crew, and synopses of the first two episodes. The cast photographs are glued in to give the effect of a photograph album. All the pages and covers are bonded with a clear plastic coating.


This booklet is significant due to its links to the early days of the Melbourne-produced televisions series Neighbours. First airing on Channel 7 in March 1985, it was axed after 170 episode, due mainly to poor viewing figures in Sydney. It was picked up by Channel 10, the first time this had every happened in Australia, and has played on there continuously since 1986.

In 2010, it celebrated 25 years of production, making it Australia's longest running drama series, and its 6000th episode went to to air. During that time it has been screened around the world, and has been particularly popular in Britain and throughout Europe. Many tourists to Melbourne still seek out Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, which doubles as Ramsay Street, or take part in Neighbours tours or theme nights at local pubs. In 2009, it was watched by over 3 million viewers in Britain each day, and is thought by many of them to be representative of life in Melbourne.

The program essentially follows the lives of six households at the cul-de-sac end of Ramsay Street, in the middle-class suburb of Erinsborough. In earlier days, the fictional suburb was located in an unidentified Australian city. However, by the early 1990s a conscious decision was made by the producers to place Ramsay Street, and the program, in Melbourne.

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