Small metal diamond-shaped badge, with enamelled design on the front.

This badge was issued to members of children's television program `The Tarax Show', produced in Melbourne in the early 1960s by GTV Channel 9. The show was sponsored by soft drink manufacturers Tarax.

The blue badge was the first badge received by members of the club. Other coloured badges (black, green and red) could be earned by members over time.

Physical Description

Enameled brass badge featuring a portrait of Gerry Gee's face on a blue background. Badge is diamond shaped, with a brass safety pin on the reverse.


Childhood is documented through 15 badges including The Argus Superman Club, GTV9 Gerry Gee Tarax Club, 3KZ Friendship Circle, Uncle Bobs Club, Model Aero Club, League of Youth, 007 Special Agent, Ovaltineys, and Scouts and Guides. This range broadly reflects some of the interests of children in the inter-war and post-war period in Melbourne and Victoria, and documents links to media and advertising of products such as the soft drink Tarax and the drink Ovaltine.

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